Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has supplied 360 vans to the Royal Mail’s Parcelforce delivery division in a major new UK fleet deal.

VW said the deal followed “a thorough procurement process” by Royal Mail and has resulted in 100 petrol-engined Caddy light vans plus 260 front-wheel drive, long-wheelbase, standard roof Crafter large vans joining the postal service’s fleet.

A spokeswoman for VW told What Van? “The vans are starting to appear on the roads now.”

Meanwhile, VWCV has joined the chorus of motor industry voices calling for a resolution to the Brexit discussions.

Carl zu Dohna, the brand’s UK director, told What Van?: “We need clarity on the deal, then we and our customers can plan our businesses.

“We are committed to make it work in the UK, we just need to know what the conditions are.”

He acknowledged the market had remained relatively strong and stable to date but said customers needed to know about any changes to trading tariffs in order to make forward business plans.

“Uncertainty is the worst thing for business,” zu Dohna said.

While he admitted the currency fluctuation between Sterling and the Euro was a concern, he pointed out that VW was accustomed to dealing with different currencies and trading conditions on a worldwide basis.