Local councils across the UK have responded to the flooding crisis by alerting motorists to emergency road closures and diversions via Elgin’s Traffic Management App – a nationally available online platform.

Stoke on Trent became the first City Council to tweet out their diversion routes and Somerset County Council has responded to the crisis in the Somerset Levels by publishing their road closures on the internet.

Likewise Wokingham Borough Council published live details of road closures caused by flooding in the Thames Valley area.

The Isle of Wight used the app to highlight the impact of landslides, floods and roadworks and local authorities Dorset, Devon, East Sussex and Surrey have published diversion routes on the Traffic Management App.

Elgin chairman Shane O’Neil said: “There has never before existed a national platform to instantly publish local closures and diversions and it is fantastic that so many local highway authorities are responding to the flooding and utilising the new diversions app to communicate instantly to emergency services and the public.”

Elgin is the trading name of Roadworks Information, a subscriptions-funded company  established in 2011 to share free-to-view transport information across local highway authorities via the web, in-vehicle navigation systems and mobile devices.