Telematics firm Webfleet Solutions has teamed up with Oxford Direct Services (ODS) to help electrify its fleet of over 300 vehicles. 

ODS, which provides services for Oxford City Council, is using Webfleet telematics data to identify the most suitable vehicles to electrify on its fleet, which includes a wide range of commercial vehicles and cars.

In addition, Webfleet software is also helping to optimise the efficiency of EV charging, and to cut fuel use by improving driver behaviour.

The fleet already includes 50 EVs, and ODS is aiming to replace at least 25% of its ICE fleet by 2023.

ODS transport manager Owain Pearce said: “The published ranges of EVs, based on dynamometer testing, can often be lower in ‘real world’ conditions, with load, temperature, terrain and driving behaviour all affecting performance. 

“With Webfleet reporting, we can see what daily ‘real world’ mileages are being achieved by both ICE and electric vehicles, along with criteria ranging from road types to standstill times, signposting vehicles’ true EV potential, total cost of ownership and emissions savings.”