Sixty-two per cent of drivers surveyed who fall into this category don't smoke, 73 per cent try to eat healthily, while 24 per cent are into designer clothes brands. Seventy-one per cent of them reckon they are careful and considerate drivers.

According to the survey today's definitive 'White Van Man' is about 42 years old, married or living with a partner and wants to retire early. He likes curry, roast dinners and beer, and his favourite sport is football.

So is his van always dirty? Apparently not: 69 per cent of 'White Van Men' like to keep their vehicles clean and shiny.

Nor is he continually rabbiting into a hand-held mobile phone while at the wheel; an offence these days, of course. In fact 91per cent of 'White Van Men' think that drivers who do so are downright dangerous, a viewpoint wholeheartedly supported by What Van?.