Winners of a £20m trial to make the freight industry greener have been announced.

The funding comes from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), and the project – named the Low Emission Freight and Logistics Trial – aims to cut fleet emissions and improve air quality.

According to the Government, the freight industry accounts for 30% of the UK’s CO2 transport emissions, and the funding – shared between 20 companies – will enable fleets to get new, greener, vehicles on the roads from the middle of this year.

“Each one of these successful projects will help cut vehicle emissions, improving air quality and reducing pollution in towns and cities,” said John Hayes, transport minister. “This is yet another important step towards this government’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions from transport to help tackle climate change.”

“We are already making headway through our investment in low emission vehicles, greener public transport and walking and cycling, as well as grants for innovative advanced biofuels projects,” he added.

Winners include:

  • Logistics company UPS, which has been graed £1.33m to design and implement a smart charging system to allow more electric vehicles to be charged at its depots.
  • Gnewt Cargo, which has been given £1.11m to lease 33 EVs in order to perform last-mile deliveries.
  • Zapinamo, a start-up electric vehicle charging company, which has been granted £1.58m of Government funds to develop and test its 400kW ultra high-speed charging points that are moveable and can charge vehicles in minutes. Partners to the project include Iveco and Farmdrop, a London-based organic food delivery company.

Tim Martin, CEO of Zapinamo, welcomed the funding from OLEV: “This is a great day for Zapinamo, the emerging commercial EV industry and its involvement in electrifying urban freight and logistics. A significant step towards all important air quality improvement and benefits for all. Our technology is a global first and it is fantastic to be trialling it in London with our partners.”