Bodybuilder Yoyo Multidrops is to launch its eponymous chassis cab-based interchangeable loading technology this summer.

Yoyo uses a rail system that allows different LCV bodies to be quickly swapped on and off the same vehicle.

Yoyo Multidrops had planned to unveil the conversion at the cancelled CV Show in April but now hopes to demonstrate it at regional shows from July.

The firm claims the system can be installed on any manufacturer’s 3.5t and electric 4.25t chassis cabs and allows different bodies, such as dropsides, box or Luton, or even refrigerated bodies, to be mounted or unmounted by a single operator, with no on-site lifting equipment.

The Multidrops system uses no hydraulics and can be controlled by an operator using a two-button handset.

Yoyo claims this set-up is ideal for mixed fleets, where a single vehicle could replace several vehicles that would normally sit idle for long periods of time.

Derek Bowes, marketing director at Yoyo said: “The Yoyo system gives an LCV the ability to demount the body to the ground and pick up another load, all in the space of a couple of minutes. 

“Operational efficiency is a top priority for fleet operators. They require quick turnaround to ensure vehicles are in use rather than being stuck in depots. Parked vehicles are not efficient and don’t make money!”

He added that the attachments don’t need to be empty: the system can handle loads up to 1.5t. It can also be retrofitted to vehicles of up to five years old, and existing load frames can be re-used on new vehicles when vans are replaced.