If you are a light commercial vehicle operator that contract hires your vehicles, multi-bid leasing is well worth a look because it is saving companies up to £30 per vehicle per month – achieved by sourcing the best rate from a panel of approved funders for each order placed.

And savings of up to £30 per vehicle per month can’t be ignored.

As a fully managed service, you gain all of the price advantages of using several leasing providers but with the operational ease of a single point of contact.

Quite simply, it works with the use of an approved panel of leasing providers, all of which are reputable, well-known names in the sector. Each time you are looking to order a vehicle, the panel establishes the best rate on the day and a company such as ours places the order on your behalf – managing the whole process through to delivery. A full fleet management service throughout each vehicle’s life is provided, managing the vehicle and supplier and all driver contact.

Further savings can also be made for companies that opt for a non-maintenance contract hire agreement because the maintenance on a pay-as-you-go basis can be managed by us, ensuring your servicing, maintenance and repairs costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

It’s a big task for any fleet manager to gather quotations from a number of suppliers, agree a final price and place the order, oversee the order to delivery, and then manage a fleet and drivers across different leasing companies – often with varying levels of service and support. By choosing this solution, everything is managed for you, and fleet managers can focus on developing new initiatives and services for their drivers rather than being bogged down in day-to-day supplier and driver management.

Better still, companies such as Interactive Fleet Management continue to manage the vehicle and driver throughout the contract, adding all vehicles onto an online fleet management system. It gives customers all of the advantages of sole supply but the price competition of multi-supply.

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