Vans are a top target for criminals, who break in hoping they’ll find expensive items to steal, so securing your vehicle is the first step to protecting your tools and keeping your stock safe.

But can you rely on the original manufacturer-fitted locks supplied as standard?

Your van should already be fitted with security features, especially if it’s a newer model.

However, experienced criminals will have learned your van’s weak spots and be able to exploit the standard security. And some models have locks fitted that thieves can open within 60 seconds using cheap DIY tools that are readily available to most.

While it’s not always possible to prevent damage to or theft of your van, there are a number of extra steps you can take to improve security to deter thieves and limit the chance of it being broken into. Also, many insurers recommend replacing your factory-fitted locks with more secure items anyway, which could lower the price you pay for premiums.
Deadlocks are one of the simplest, most effective ways to bolster your van’s security.

The steel locks work alongside the standard door locks, with a hook bolt securing the door or hatch to a reinforced socket in the vehicle’s frame.

As an alternative to deadlocks, slamlocks lock automatically when the door or hatch is shut.

They aren’t as robust as deadlocks, but the automatic lock feature is ideal if the van is used for deliveries and quick stops – preventing opportunists from stealing items when it’s unattended.

Catalytic converter theft is on the rise too due to the high market value of the precious metals inside, such as platinum and rhodium.

Larger vehicles – including vans – are most at risk as the large ground clearance makes it worryingly quick and easy for criminals to access the converter. Installing a specially designed high-security guard will help to reduce the likelihood of theft. For extra protection, you can have the converter’s metal shell marked, which will make it easier to trace it back to your van if it is stolen.

Other methods of improving van security include installing steel plates to protect door handles and internal locking mechanisms.

The key to maximising van security is to use all the solutions available to you to secure your van, and to form the habit of following the most secure practice.

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