Ensuring that your van meets Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) requirements is all well and good on light commercials you own and invest in, but how do you prove these standards on hire vehicles? Many contract jobs require van operators to take on additional temporary vehicles as long-term hires.

And, as more contracts now require FORS, or equivalent levels of accreditation for all vehicles, the organisation has created a new type of accreditation to prove compliance on hire vehicles.

Vehicle Hire Company accreditation allows companies to supply vehicles that have been assessed to meet the FORS Standard. These vehicles will be FORS-accredited when used on behalf of a FORS operator who is already accredited.

The new accreditation will help van fleets meet the requirements set out in the FORS Standard, which says that short-term temporary (hire) vehicles employed by FORS operators must be FORS accredited. This means demonstrating, for example, that the correct policies and procedures are in place and ensuring that the vehicles are maintained and managed to mandatory requirements.

The accreditation is a new type of FORS Associate status, where the hire company is assessed against the FORS requirements only relevant to the supply of vehicles.  

Leasing firm Leaseplan UK, which is already an Associate, has successfully completed its Vehicle Hire Company accreditation audit and can now provide vehicles for both its short- and longer-term lease fleets that meet the FORS Bronze requirements.

Chris Black, commercial director at Leaseplan UK, said the firm was “proud to have been recognised as the first van leasing company in the UK to gain Vehicle Hire Company accreditation”. He added that “it gives confidence and assurance to our customers that our vehicles are maintained, managed and meeting the highest standards set by FORS”.
Black concluded: “As one of the largest commercial vehicle leasing companies in the UK, it’s very much part of our long-term commitment to drive up standards and help commercial vehicle operators across the country run efficient, safe and compliant fleets.”

For more information visit www.fors-online.org.uk/cms/driver-vehicle-hire-accreditations

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