ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE: Are you ready for the CAZ revolution?

Date: Monday, April 4, 2022

The big challenge for fleet managers right now is how to build and managea fleet that meets clean air zone and London ultra low emission zone (ULEZ) requirements, but is also flexible and cost-effective. This situation is exacerbated by vehicle supply issues.

Recent research commissioned by Europcar shows that for 89% of businesses, a quarter or more of their fleet need to enter a clean air zone more than once a week, yet just under 30% of those businesses have not calculated the potential cost for their fleet entering a clean air zone or the extended London ULEZ.

Having the ability to manage costs and ‘flex’ fleet by using rental – both short- term and long-term – in response to fluctuations in demand will be key, as well as having access to the latest electric vehicles, without having to make long-term financial commitments.

Responding to these challenges, Europcar is not only increasing the share of green vehicles in its fleet. It is also making a significant investment in vehicle charging at its network around the UK.

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Europcar adds 100 LEVC VN5 vans to commercial fleet

Demonstrating its clear intent to deliver electrified and flexible transport solutions
for commercial vehicle users, Europcar added 100 London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) hybrid electric VN5 vans to its vans and trucks fleet at the start of 2022.

Available for long-term rental from its vans and trucks locations across the UK, with a particular focus on the cities where clean air zones are in force or scheduled for 2022, this new fleet addresses an urgent need among commercial vehicle users.

They give businesses the flexibility to try before they buy, without having to commit to lease or outright purchase, giving them the chance to really understand how electric will work for them and their drivers. Long-term rental of the VN5 also provides important financial flexibility while the UK economy remains uncertain. Plus, crucially, the VN5 gives customers a compliant solution eliminating the need to factor in additional costs for entering clean air zones.

The VN5 is a truly innovative workhorse that delivers amazing storage capacity as well as the impressive flexibility of LEVC’s eCity Range-Extender, to eliminate the range anxiety that is holding back many commercial vehicle users from moving to electric.

Europcar has availability for immediate delivery, so call the team now on 0371 384 0140. Or visit


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