ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE: Creating legendary vans

Date: Monday, June 26, 2023

It’s no wonder that Legend Fleet Solutions is getting noticed. Its stronger-yet-lighter-than-plywood recycled floor and complete fit-up product range including linings are taking the commercial van industry by storm.

Legend’s prowess can be seen in the sheer number of fleets to have made the switch
to Legend, including Vinci Construction Group, Greenthumb Lawn Care and Riverford Organic Farmers. 

As if its fantastic solutions weren’t enough to grab peoples’ attention at the UK’s largest CV (Commercial Vehicle) Show, Legend used an actual axe with a professional axe thrower to demonstrate the strength and resilience of its products vs. traditional plywood floors. So, it’s no axe-ident that companies come to Legend!

Legend can help take your van fleet, whether traditional or electric, to the next level. Many electrifying fleets are using Legend to help meet their corporate environmental goals and move away from conflict timber – coated plywood from countries like Russia. Legend’s van flooring is truly sustainable, made of 75% recycled material, backed by a secure supply chain. 

Racking manufacturers are partnering with Legend too, because high-performance racking should not be put on a low-performance floor (plywood) that will eventually need to be replaced. Legend’s crash-tested, no-drill flooring solution allows any racking from any manufacturer to be fastened into the flooring. In electric vehicles, Legend’s lightweight flooring protects the batteries. 

Vehicle fitters and conversion companies across the country love Legend’s easy-to-install product that creates the foundation for high-quality vehicle conversions, built on products that will last, and won’t need to be replaced. 

Case study solutions

In the case of Riverford Organic Farmers, it was changing its fleet to electric and had sustainable goals to meet. Legend’s recycled materials helped it to meet its targets, along with a resistant lining solution to keep its vans cleaner for longer. Vinci Construction needed to reduce its fleet’s weight and improve safety for engineers. Using Evolve Floor reduced the weight by 53% and is also slip-resistant, combined with Econolite yellow doors, this increased the safety for Vinci. Due to its area of business, Greenthumb Lawn Care needed a floor for its vans that could withstand heavy garden machinery, Legend was happy to oblige. With StabiliGrip Rigid Flooring, loading this kit was no longer an issue.

These are just some of the instances in which Legend’s expertise can be seen. With a full range of interior liners, floors and accessories, it has solutions for any fleet.




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