ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE: Filling the commercial fleet gaps

Date: Thursday, April 6, 2023

In recent years, sustainability has become an increasingly common buzzword. But what does it mean for businesses in real terms – and for commercial fleet managers in particular?  

Currently, there are a lot of questions around transitioning to zero emissions commercial vehicles. The lack of meaningful tax incentives from government, not only to support purchase costs but also for infrastructure, add to the headache. The increasing prevalence of ultra-low and clean air zones could put further pressure on stretched business budgets, if compliant vehicles aren’t part of the fleet mix. 

What’s the answer?

The challenge right now is to fill the commercial fleet gaps that exist because of limited new vehicle supply. And with availability of fully electric vehicles particularly difficult – as well as employers experiencing resistance to change from drivers concerned about workloads and productivity – it makes sense to move to low emissions before making a wholesale switch. Accessing low emission vehicles on long-term rental, rather than making lengthy commitments to lease or outright purchase also gives organisations the flexibility they need to access the right van for the job while making a meaningful difference to emissions. 

A fleet fit for purpose

With more than 10,000 vans and specialist vehicles – all Euro 6 and therefore Clean Air Zone compliant – plus hybrid and electric vans, Europcar can supply the right vehicle for every job. And with over 65 nationwide UK stations offering LCV services, including 13 Vans & Trucks Supersites with dedicated van specialists, it has arguably the largest geographical network coverage of any van rental company.  

Making the best choice

Making rental as efficient as possible, the Europcar Vans & Trucks Guide – – gives fleet managers access to the latest models and customisation options at a glance. The interactive digital guide provides a clear overview of the options available as well as the service, maintenance and repair support that comes as standard with any long-term rental from Europcar. 

And for the transition to zero, Europcar long-term Van Rental Solutions enable commercial fleet managers and their drivers to put electric motoring to the test in real-world conditions. 

Available for monthly rentals with no upfront deposit and commitment free, Europcar long-term solutions for EV provide a valuable transition to full EV adoption, including the option for CO2 reporting for valuable insight into emissions reduction.

To find out more about how Europcar can support your organisation’s commercial vehicle needs visit or call 0371 384 0140



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