ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE: IVECO Daily Mission Awards 2021 Q4 Round-up: Delivery

Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2021

According to a recent report by Insider Intelligence, the UK’s ecommerce sector grew by a staggering 46.5% year-on-year in 2020, and if that wasn’t enough, 2021 has seen that climb higher still by another 20.5%. In a market now worth £185bn+, that split between ecommerce and retail has risen nearly 16% to 37.5% versus 62.5% respectively. It’s little surprise then, that in the five years to 2024, the market value of the courier and home delivery sector is forecasted to grow by 92%. Good job that IVECO Daily packs a punch, whatever the cargo, with class-leading load volume, class-exclusive 7.2t GVW on chassis cab and outstanding sustainability credentials with natural power variants. So, as we move towards Black Friday and (dare we say it) Christmas, the IVECO Daily MISSION AWARDS is placing an order for the delivery sector, and some of the first-class vehicles that have recently been signed, sealed, and delivered.

AM Phillip 1

AM PHILLIP – EasyStorage

There’s no missing EasyStorage’s 7.2t Daily 72C21HA8/Ps, 30 of which are now in operation, forming a 100% IVECO fleet. Based on the longest 5,100mm wheelbase with extra-long mirrors homologated for a 2.55m wide body, the rear air-sprung chassis are fitted with an enormous Tekbo Pod body with three internal compartments to keep customer’s consignments segregated and secure. With a payload bettering that of a conventional 7.5t truck, EasyStorage’s Daily’s benefit from a more car-like driving position, favourable fuel economy, reduced emissions and maintenance costs. This is important
criteria when they’re expected to cover 30,000mi annually for five years. The Business-spec vehicles also feature crosswind assist, tyre pressure monitor and Hi-Connect infotainment system with navigation, utilising the most powerful 210hp 3l diesel
and smooth 8-speed HI-MATIC auto. The judges noted how this would make light work
of the heavy loads while maximising driver comfort, enjoyment and operational safety. 

GS 1


Dishing up the perfect fleet, Euro Foods’ fleet has recently seen an influx of IVECO vehicles, including eleven Daily 72C21HA8 with a further five on order for 2022. The vehicles have worked tirelessly, supplying specialist supermarkets, restaurants, takeaways, and NHS front-line staff with fresh food, covering on average 60,000mi a year. Expected to remain in service for 5–7yrs, the judges recognised the efforts to optimise TCO with Daily chosen over traditional cab-over trucks for the smaller footprint, lower fuel consumption/emissions and stronger payload, with eight vehicles receiving refurbished Solomon refrigerated bodies. The 210hp/470Nm engines pull 3,345kg of goods utilising an on board weighing system to keep this in check. The business trimline, HI-MATIC gearbox and Hi-Connect navigation help boost residuals while the class-leading turning circle, hill descent control and traction+ aid manoeuvrability in trickier delivery locations. The full LED headlights give the vehicles a distinctive look and enhance low-light visibility.

Walton Summit - Ribble Farm Fare Daily 35C18HV

WALTON SUMMIT  – Ribble Farm Fare Ltd

A striking livery distinguishes Ribble Farm Fare vehicles and its latest Daily in 4100mm wheelbase, and H2 form provides a sizeable canvas. The 35C18H panel van has a 16m3 refrigerated load space and is equipped with elliptical rear springs, helping to ensure that fresh produce arrives in the best possible condition as the vehicle frequently delivers in rural and hilly areas. Traversing annual distances of up to 40,000 miles, power is pushed through the twin rear wheels by Daily’s 3l engine, which produces 180hp and 430Nm. This ensures the miles are dispatched effortlessly, while a 110kmh speed limiter keeps power at bay on motorways. It was the heavy-duty requirements that stood out here, utilising the truck culture that underpins the dealerships. Out-of-hours servicing allows
for long maintenance intervals, keeping downtime to a minimum on a high-utilisation
fleet. Last year, RFF began offering deliveries to private addresses and Daily’s tight
turning circle ensures safe and effortless manoeuvrability in crowded residential areas.

The Missions

Q1 – Construction

Q2 – Grounds maintenance and forestry

Q3 – Passenger transport and lifestyle

Q4 – Delivery

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