Date: Tuesday, March 28, 2023

An innovative new fleet management software product has proved itself a winner.

The Technology Award category of the What Van? Awards seeks a new product that is easy to use and improves processes and operations for customers that adopt it. When you learn about Radius Vehicle Solutions’ Synergy product, it is no surprise that it walked away with the prize.

Synergy is a fleet management software solution which provides Radius customers with free, real-time information about all aspects of their fleet. Its usefulness starts right from the beginning of a customer’s journey, since it features e-sign account and proposal technology, and can show ETAs for new vehicles on order. Then, once the fleet is up and running, managers can view data streams such as live telematics, fuel card data and camera footage.

Data can be accessed at a range of levels, all the way from top-level mileage, cost-per-mile, and CO2 emissions totals, down to single vehicle information. Compliance and scheduled events are visible via a simple and intuitive traffic light system, with search and select facilities making it easy to interrogate data efficiently and effectively.

The systems live online capabilities mean users can see immediately when asset-related documents are raised and as and when live events happen, with geolocated, dated and time-stamped items across all aspects of the vehicle process making it easy to validate and verify events and outputs that arise from them.

Documentation for each vehicle is viewable, including rental agreements, handover documents, daily driver checks and invoices, meaning quick interrogation of data is quickly supported by evidence.

A fully flexible administration system enables decision makers to not only allow access, but also determine what each user is able to see, and a TAG manager function allows data to be split and analysed in any way a user requires, based upon the access levels and parameters that they determine themselves.

The system also includes a driver app, which provides information to the user of the vehicle, allowing them to make positive changes to the way they operate, as driver behaviour, cost per mile and CO2 information is visible on their mobile device, as well as compliance and scheduled event statuses.

Daily driver event logs are available, which include health and well-being criteria as well as asset health criteria, which push into the platform creating alerts and exceptions from within which decision-makers can act appropriately.

Commenting on the system’s What Van? Awards success, Radius Vehicle Solutions managing director Gareth Jones said: “The What Van? Awards are one of the most prestigious awards in the UK automotive industry and Radius is proud to have been acknowledged by the judges this year. 

“The What Van? Awards are designed to celebrate the best of the UK van industry, and Radius was singled out for its innovative and forward-thinking products and services. 

“This recognition is a testament to our team’s dedication to creating innovative solutions that help businesses succeed. 

“We thank the judges for their recognition, and we look forward to continuing to make a positive impact on the UK tech community.”

When asked what he thought it was about Synergy that had made it an award-winning success, Jones said: “The Synergy platform is built for our clients, including all the things they need to help them run their business better and more efficiently. 

“We continue to innovate with new products and features that meet our customers’ needs as they grow.”

As well as impressing the What Van? Awards judges, Jones said Synergy had also found favour with Radius’s customers.

He said: “We received fantastic feedback from Synergy customers. They love the modern full view of their customer data and the integration of all our Radius products, which enables them to do more with in less time.”

When asked if Radius expected Synergy’s usefulness to increase as more operators looked to switch to electric vehicles, Jones said it definitely did.

He explained: “Data is even more vital when running an electric vehicle, because it helps us establish which routes are most reliable and the cost of charging. 

“We can use this information both internally and in conversations with our clients, who need detailed insight about their fleet operations.”

As for the prospect of future further developments for the product, Jones’s comments reveal the attitude which has made Radius such as force to be reckoned with for new technology.

He said: “There are developments for the Synergy product on the way. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and meet the needs of our customers. 

“We strive to deliver not only what our customers want, but also what they need for their businesses and organisations in the future.”


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