ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE: Taking a shortcut to reduce commercial vehicle emissions

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2024


With transport making up a huge proportion of all emissions, environmentally conscious businesses need help greening their fleets. The BVRLA has teamed up with industry players to create a Zero Emission Van Plan and as Paul Kirby from The EV Café explains, there are three key challenges it aims to address.

“Firstly, businesses at every level, but SMEs in particular, need confidence in government financial support for Battery Electric vans long term.  Secondly, van users need to have the right access to public and private charging that is fit for purpose and cost effective. Currently there are too few charging points that are suitable for vans. And thirdly, the sector needs legislative clarity. The 4.25 t dispensation is helpful but needs revision and quickly to make it easier for operators to adopt EV.”

The challenges are clear, but with the right support can be overcome. And Europcar is partnering with The EV Café this year to help extend the positive message about electric motoring as well as provide solutions that ensure emissions targets can be met now.

Immediate solutions

The wide range of uses for commercial vehicles means some journeys are currently better suited to electric vans than others. The Europcar Vans & Trucks team is, therefore, working with fleets to find the right zero or low emissions vehicles for their specific needs. Indeed, flexible rental of a mix of ICE and electric vehicles is an option that is helping many businesses work out what will be the right fit for their future needs. And it means they can avoid acquisition or leasing of vehicles that may not be right for them in the long-term.

Getting drivers onboard is also a significant roadblock for many employers, with concerns around range, charging infrastructure and downtime while charging all holding drivers back. To answer these concerns, Europcar has developed a range of resources including a digital EV Guide; investment in the electrification of its network and the addition of more e-Vans to its fleet. It is determined to make 2024 a year of change.

Check out the Mercedes-Benz eVito at the CV Show

Set to be showcased by Europcar at the CV Show, the Mercedes-Benz eVito has a range of approximately 160 miles with the capacity to deal with the demands of most day-to-day business, carrying a maximum payload of 807kg and a loading space of up to 6.0m3. It is ideal for enterprises that need hard-working commercial vehicles and is a great introduction to zero-driving.

Renting electric vans also gives businesses the chance to test in real-world conditions before they make a commitment to the major capital expense of replacing a petrol or diesel fleet. 

Meet with the Europcar Vans & Trucks team in The EV Café Village at the CV Show.

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