ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE: Why fleets are switching to Legend linings to help vans be truly sustainable

Date: Friday, August 25, 2023

You’re busy, but you must ensure your fleet is moving and getting where they need to go. 

When it comes to your drivers and their workspace – the cargo area of your vans –
the interior needs to be comfortable and safe for them.

What about sustainability? Everyone in every industry is talking about sustainability. When you look at your vans, the vehicles themselves, and the aftermarket products
put in the builds, are two areas where fleets can make specific decisions to be more sustainable.

That’s why Legend has quickly grown to become an industry leader in North America and across the UK with its tough, lightweight and sustainable cargo van floors and linings.

Legend’s interior cargo van flooring options are made of 75% recycled materials and are very lightweight and tough compared to other industry liners. In the UK, Riverford Organic Farmers knew this when they elected to use Legend’s van liners exclusively for their fleet.

“All [Legend’s] products are 75% recycled, which is brilliant for our environmental credentials,” says James Welton, fleet manager for Riverford, about their EVOLVE flooring upfitted into their Ford electric E-Transit vehicles. “Because of the lightweight nature of the EVOLVE flooring, we can carry around 35kg more payload for every delivery trip.”

For Welton, this translated to a remarkable increase in product that could be carried
when out on the road. This in turn increased the number of deliveries they could complete and more importantly increased the range of their electric vehicles, which trickled down into a significant increase in profitability.

Vinci Construction Group made the switch to Legend after they realised they needed a lighter, safer and more sustainable product for their work vans as they electrified their fleet. 

“It’s not just the one product,” says Rob Fellows, fleet operations manager of Vinci. “We needed something that fits into the whole range of development. The non-slip finish, the recycled gen; all of it works.”

The thing that appealed most to Vinci was not just one product or two, but it was Legend’s generational approach to manufacturing that caught Fellows’ attention, Legend’s range of products and its siblings.

Greenthumb Lawn Care also took notice. The company required flooring in their van fleet that could withstand the hard abuse of daily lawn care equipment being loaded in and out, with all the bangs, scrapes, scuffs and gouges that come with the process.

Martin Hailwood, operations department of Greenthumb, recognised the plywood lining in the company’s vans splintered and allowed for water ingress during the daily knocks of loading their heavy machinery in and out of vans. The moment of clarity arrived when Hailwood saw a Legend product demonstration at a trade show and was immediately impressed with the virtual indestructibility of Legend floors.

As so many around the world have discovered, if you own a fleet of work vans, Legend makes sense as a robust, lightweight, recyclable and sustainable solution for hard-working fleets for both traditional combustion engines and electric vehicles, now and into
the future.


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