ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE: Turn your vehicles into instant value assets

Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2020

ARI’s FlexBack puts cash into your pocket instantly, without compromising your fleet quality.

These days, we exist in a world that we couldn’t have imagined just a year ago. The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine has struck businesses hard across the globe, squeezing budgets and making even the simplest of tasks a new challenge.  

But throughout all the challenges one thing has remained - your customers still needed you. It may have been in new and innovative ways, but those essential services you provide were critical to other businesses success – and your own.

But as the world begins to recover and we begin executing new plans to deliver services in the new normal, how can you access capital while retaining the agility and control you need to flourish in the new landscape we find ourselves in? 

That was the question ARI set out to answer even before lockdown began. As the largest family owned fleet management company in the world and one of the UK’s largest independent funding and fleet management providers, we set our experts the challenge of delivering a solution that supported our customer base while helping them exit the times of financial hardships even stronger. 

To best assist our customers, we began by looking at the priorities that would deliver on this goal. That included:  

· Transparency in supply chain, monitoring updates throughout the entire lifecycle and ensuring vehicles keep moving without delays 

· Identifying areas of control, where we can continue delivering savings and strengthening relationships 

· Visibility in fleet operations that make it easier for our customers to provide for their customers 

· Opportunities to sweat assets, creating liquidity without impacting fleet investments in the long-term.

Although these priorities have been high on fleet decision makers agendas for some time, these are the best ways that a fleet can succeed through an economic crisis - by building an agile solution with liquid cash on-hand while also securing fleet as an investment that will continue to provide capital into the future. 

With these priorities in mind, ARI launched FlexBack, a transparent way to free up equity tied to your vehicles without reducing your inventory.  

Through FlexBack, a sale and leaseback offer for the modern era, we begin by evaluating your fleet value, purchasing your vehicles at an agreed-upon price and leasing them back to you via our FlexLease solution. This provides you with an instant cash injection back into your budget, giving you the opportunity to maintain operational flexibility and allowing you to re-invest it where your business needs it today. 

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By having your vehicles on FlexLease you can gain the liquidity you need, but you now have a solution that delivers complete visibility of all costs, real-time management information throughout its entire life-cycle and 100% of profit on the sale with no charges for excess mileage or vehicle wear and tear.  

This may be an uncertain time, but your fleet can help provide you with added security to keep moving forward. Find out how FlexBack can work for you by downloading our free whitepaper at, or visit to see how the Buy-Drive-Service-Sell model can help you.



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