The Insight – Harness data power to maximise returns

Date: Thursday, October 4, 2018

Daniel Durrans, Client Information systems manager at ARI, discusses how leveraging data and turning it into actionable information will enable you to maximise efficiencies and ensure your fleet is ready for tomorrow.

The sheer amount of data available has become a challenge for many businesses and industries, and fleet management is no exception: fleets now have the capability to track hundreds of data points on every vehicle in their fleet.

While fundamentally good, the quantity of data available can be startling.

From day-to-day service, maintenance and repair to telematics, these data points can quickly turn into thousands and will continue to grow. It is important, therefore, that they are managed to realise their value. Utilising technology to achieve this will bring efficiencies but it will also create more data, and it’s a company’s ability to refine this incredible wave of data into actionable information that is key to maximising their return.

Every part of a vehicle’s lifecycle creates valuable data that can produce results and allow companies to make significant changes to their operations with almost immediate results.

Whether you need to maximise the value of telematics data to avoid certain geographic areas or identify parts failure rates to increase vehicle availability, the most valuable insight comes from joining more than one data set together to find the correlation and allowing key individuals to make decisions that matter, in real time.

Predictive analysis solutions are empowering companies to do exactly this; for example, analysing current maintenance data together with the vehicle’s previous history in order to establish failure ratios, looking at fuel data and matching to telematics to find potential fuel fraud – the list is endless.

With advanced data analytics organisations will be able to take quick action based on solid, real-time data and management by exception. New solutions will provide insight on a fleet’s operations quickly, allowing for improved time-to-answer/time-to-decision speed.

Efficiencies will increase and costs will naturally decrease as a result.

This is why ARI has invested heavily to provide a tool that answers customer questions with a click of a button, helps their strategic decision-making, provides insight into a fleet’s day-to-day operations, and allows the broader business to understand the true impact of fleet.

By maximising the value of every data set, customers can identify what decisions need to be made, gain the correct investment from the wider business and deliver meaningful returns.

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