Lightfoot's Driver Of The Month

Date: Friday, October 05, 2018


Winning Driver Profile For October – Charlie From Country Fare

How long have you been working with Country Fare?

About 2 months.

What areas of the country do you drive in?

I always go around the Sandbanks area - Poole Quay, for instance.

What’s the worst thing about doing a lot of driving in your job?

I get a sore back - my driving posture isn’t great!

Do you have a favourite drive?

Sandbanks and The New Forest - I live in New Milton so I am always in that area.

What would be your dream job?

Managing my own tree surgery business - I’d like to be the boss.

Tell us something a few people know.

No one at work knows that I am in a band, playing guitar and piano.

Did Lightfoot surprise you with the way it works?

Yes, it just makes you aware of how you are actually driving - especially when it talks to you!

If you could choose the voice of your Lightfoot, who would it be?

It’s got to be Morgan Freeman!

What would you say to encourage another driver or company to use Lightfoot?

I would definitely recommend it if there is a company that doesn’t use Lightfoot - especially for the bosses. My manager loves it because it monitors your driving but you still get warnings before the penalties, so it doesn’t report on every little incident.

We are launching a consumer product - is this something you would think about purchasing?

I definitely would. It really helps with my driving and I would recommend it.

Charlie's fleet manager says...

"We’re happy our drivers can now be rewarded for safer, more efficient behaviour on the road. The FDOTW initiative is engaging and it’s proving to be great motivation for our drivers."

  • Sponsored by Allianz Insurance Plc, Lightfoot Fleet Driver of the Month is an exciting new initiative where, for the first time, better fleet drivers are being recognised and rewarded.
  • Lightfoot Fleet Driver of the Month gives fleet drivers using Lightfoot the chance to win a series of prizes, including weekend breaks, spa visits and supercar track days.
  • All Lightfoot fleet drivers who achieve their KPIs are entered into weekly prize draws, encouraging greater levels of driver safety and efficiency.
  • What is Lightfoot? Lightfoot is a pioneering technology that helps drivers become smoother, safer and more efficient. Fleet customers typically see fuel bills reduced by 15-20%, emissions down 15-20% and accidents/claims reduced by up to 60%.
  • The Lightfoot 'Driver of the Month’ featured on is taken from the Lightfoot 'Driver of the Week' initiative. To see more weekly winners and learn more, head to

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