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Date: Friday, October 05, 2018



Winning Driver Profile For February – Shaun Read From Boots

What is your job title?

PDC driver. It consists of making sure we get to the right people, which involves confirming people’s names, checking their addresses, etc.

How long have you been working for Boots?

Not long – only since the middle of August.

What van do you drive at work?

A little Peugeot Partner.

Do you enjoy driving?

Normally yes, although sometimes it can get quite stressful.

What would your favourite drive be?

I have driven up to Inverness in Scotland, which was beautiful.

Tell us about your home life.

We are trying to do the house up at the moment – we’re doing more decoration than anything else.

I also help to look after all our animals; we have a chinchilla, two cats, three rabbits, three fish and a dog. I have also got 2 kids; my son is 16 and my daughter’s 15. My son is still deciding what to do – he is interested in history and wants to do that at University. My daughter likes her social care class – at the moment, she wants to do something in nursing or teaching. She wanted to be a vet before that though, so who knows!

Have you always lived in Plymouth?

Yes, I have been living here since 1979, when I moved down here from Scotland. I met my wife here in 1993 on one of the ‘boys’ nights out’, and we got married in 1995. She is a catering assistant in the docking yard, where she has worked since we got married.

What were you doing before working for Boots?

I was a house-husband. Since we don’t have any family in Plymouth, one of us had to be off work to look after the kids.

Can you tell us a fun fact about you?

I was good at Javelin at school and I was the record holder for 15 years – although I don’t think I’d be as good now!

How did you find Lightfoot at first?

Awkward, especially when changing gear. You are so used to driving your van in a particular way, so it is difficult to get used to it at the beginning. However, I am definitely getting better now.

What would you say to another driver who is getting Lightfoot?

You have to give it a chance and get used to it. It’s a way of driving, and you will need to let it help you change your driving style.

What is the prize you won?

An Amazon Fire 10” Tab. I love it, but my wife has got it now – obviously! She is enjoying it though.

Shaun's fleet manager says...

"Lightfoot has given the drivers the tool to be ahead of their game and the encouragement to do well."

  • Sponsored by Allianz Insurance Plc, Lightfoot Fleet Driver of the Month is an exciting new initiative where, for the first time, better fleet drivers are being recognised and rewarded.
  • Lightfoot Fleet Driver of the Month gives fleet drivers using Lightfoot the chance to win a series of prizes, including weekend breaks, spa visits and supercar track days. 
  • All Lightfoot fleet drivers who achieve their KPIs are entered into weekly prize draws, encouraging greater levels of driver safety and efficiency.
  • What is Lightfoot? Lightfoot is a pioneering technology that helps drivers become smoother, safer and more efficient. Fleet customers typically see fuel bills reduced by 15-20%, emissions down 15-20% and accidents/claims reduced by up to 60%.
  • The Lightfoot 'Driver of the Month’ featured on is taken from the Lightfoot 'Driver of the Week' initiative. To see more weekly winners and learn more, head to

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