First Drive: Fiat Fiorino Euro5

Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This year will see a whole raft of engine changes from most manufacturers, as we head towards another European vehicle emissions deadline on 1 January 2012.

Some have got in early, including Fiat, which now has Euro5 standard engines on the Scudo (see below) and the Fiorino driven here.
This model is actually a new alternative in the line-up. Though there is also a Euro5 version of the 75hp engine that’s always been in the range, this 95hp engine is a new addition, costing £300 more for that extra 20hp.
Until the end of the year, the Euro4 75hp version will also be on sale, £700 cheaper but 4.3mpg worse off than the updated model. CO2 emissions for the Euro5 diesel drop 10g/km to 113g/km. There’s also a 75hp 1.4 petrol that acts as the entry point to the Fiorino line-up.
Fiat’s Start&Stop system is standard on both the Euro5 diesels, cutting the engine when the vehicle is at a standstill, and firing it up again when the clutch is pressed. It’s not as rapid to fire as some systems, needing the clutch to be fully depressed before starting up, and can occasionally get tripped up and not restart quickly enough, but Fiat should be commended for fitting it as standard rather than making it an option like most other manufacturers.
Payload increases by 20kg on the Euro5 versions to 610kg.
The Fiorino’s core qualities of being a manoeuvrable, comfortable, good-to-drive urban van remain, but it’s now cleaner and in 95hp form, offers that pleasant extra bit of power for when the van does get out of urban confines. If you’re not knee-deep in city traffic the entire time, it’s worth the extra £300.


More efficient and therefore more appealing, while 95hp version adds useful performance


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