First Drive: VW Transporter Bluemotion

Date: Monday, February 25, 2013

The Bluemotion badging, which has been successful across VW’s passenger car range, is now starting to make serious inroads into the light commercial vehicle line-up.

 As well as the less optimised Bluemotion Technologies versions of the Transporter, which feature low rolling-resistance tyres, stop/start and a brake energy regeneration system, the fully specified Bluemotion model adds an automatic tyre pressure monitoring system to ensure pressures are kept at the optimum level, as well as extra engineering efficiencies to optimise environmental performance. It is only available in T27 2.0 TDI form, using the 114hp diesel engine and with the standard roof height, while the wider Bluemotion Technology application goes across a range of models and includes the new Trendline and Highline specifications.
VW claims the Bluemotion Transporter can cover an additional 125 miles per tank of diesel over a standard non-Bluemotion Technologies 102hp 2.0 TDI Transporter, which the maker equates to an annual fuel saving of £830 over 30,000 miles. The middle ground of the Transporter, with VW’s 114hp 2.0 diesel engine and the Bluemotion Technologies additions, will do a claimed 711 miles on a tank, 77 less than the full Bluemotion but 48 above the one without the efficiency measures.
The usual excellent Transporter features still apply, as the Bluemotion model hasn’t taken anything away from VW’s medium van. That means good build quality, a decent drive and good residual values, though the cabin is a little lacking in storage space compared to newer offerings.



Welcome addition that will provide more benefit to those doing higher annual mileages


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