Living with a... Volkswagen Crafter – 2nd Report

Date: Monday, September 4, 2017   |   Author: Tony Rock

What Van? was lucky enough to have an extended test drive with Volkswagen’s Crafter. In the second of our two-part long-term test, we talk storage…

There are several places to store various items in the cabin of the Volkswagen Crafter:

• There’s a regulation storage spot in the bottom of each door…

•… plus a shallower area above that but below the door handles.

• Coffee drinkers will note the circular cupholder in the right-hand corner on the driver’s side, in front of the windscreen and below a vent, with a small space for change etc. beside it.

• A deeper, slot low down on the dashboard, exists next to the 12V connection.

• The overhead storage above the sun visors for both passenger and driver is deep enough for A4-sized folders.

• In front of the passenger on as part of the dashboard there’s a long, shallow area.

• Let’s not forget a good, old-fashioned glove box!

• If all that isn’t enough and assuming three of you aren’t in the cabin, you can always pull the centre seat back flat down, as that will give you more cupholder space, an elasticated band to trap paperwork, and a thin slot on the passenger side that might be good for pens, we guess?

• Still not enough. Well, pull up the seat cushions on the passenger side, and there’s a hidey-hole.

• We shouldn’t, of course, forget the two pegs, one for the driver and one for the passenger, for putting a hanger, presumably for those occasions when one has to dress a bit smarter and take a jacket out with you for the evening.

Now while there were plenty of places, we do have one minor criticism, and that was that the places that were close to hand while on the move didn’t seem snug enough for what I had with me one journey. So my sunglasses, mobile phone and wallet either, annoyingly, slid around, or fell out of, the nearby slots.

In the load bay, there’s also extra room that stretches over the bulkhead. Not that it was needed when I was called upon to pick up a second-hand sofa for a friend. It flew in the 11.3m3 load area without the slightest problem.

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