Final report: VW Amarok Aventura long-term test

Date: Friday, November 24, 2017   |   Author: James Dallas

Sixth Report

When a warning light flashed up before him Tony Rock had to take the pick-up to the dealer.


I always get a feeling of dread when a warning symbol flashes up in an instrument panel, and it was no different when an amber light appeared recently on the Amarok informing me there was an issue with the catalytic converter.

Previous skirmishes with similar warnings in other vehicles suggested the VW must have been doing lots of short-distance journeys and not enough of the long-haul motorway slogs that would help to clear the diesel particulate filter, but that wasn’t the case here – in fact, the vehicle had been covering plenty of M25 miles.

After reassuring me that the pick-up was okay to drive while the warning light remained static and amber – I was to stop if it started flashing or turned red – my nearest dealer, Citygate in Wooburn Green, Bucks, said I should come in to get it checked out.

They had the vehicle for a day, and looked over various sensors but couldn’t find the cause of the problem. So to cover all the bases they also carried out a ‘regen’, where all the collected particles in the filter are burned away to reset it – something the vehicle should do automatically anyway. Satisfied the Amorok was behaving as it should, they cleared the fault memory, saying the only possible explanation for the appearance of the warning light was that it was just a glitch, before adding they had not previously encountered a fault such as this one.

The plan now is to keep running the Amarok to see if the issue arises again, but, fingers crossed, it won’t.

Finally, it has to be said that the staff at the dealership were excellent throughout, being polite, efficient and knowledgeable. Top marks.

Mileage 3853
Official combined consumption 36.2mpg
Our average consumption 28.8mpg
Price (ex VAT) £31,995
Price range (ex VAT) £26,255-£31,995
Warranty 3yrs/100,000mls
Service intervals 18,000mls
Load length 1,555mm
Load width (min/max) 1,222/1,620mm
Gross payload 1,114kg
Engine size 2,967cc/224hp
CO2 204g/km
On sale January 2017




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