Ford Transit Custom long-term test - 4th Report

Date: Friday, November 23, 2018   |   Author: Tony Rock


LTT Tran

2nd Report

In terms of nice in-cab kit, our base model Ford Transit Custom doesn’t have much.

There’s no DAB, satnav or reversing sensors/camera, although there is a USB slot for i-this and i-that, and I’ve been using the drinks holder in the corner of the dash to hold my mobile while I use its Google nav capability.

Bluetooth, too, is included, so you’d think there’s not much that could go wrong. But you’d be wrong. While the Bluetooth does allow me to connect my phone and listen to friends/family/colleagues speaking, unfortunately, they can’t hear me.

The only solution seems to be to pull over, turn off the engine and pull out key and open/close the van thinks I’ve left, and hold the handset to my ear in the conventional manner.

This works when, as in one example, I was at Gatwick Airport trying to arrange a place to pick up my parents who’d just flown in, but doesn’t work when, as in another example, I’m on the M25 trying to take a work call. It’s very frustrating. Google says there are a few things I could try to reset the system, including, as one friend suggested, unplugging a fuse.

I’ll give them a go. If they don’t work, then it’s down to the dealer we go.

Report Card: Technology = 2/5

There’s not much of it, and what there is isn’t all working.

Ford Transit Custom V362 MCA Transit Base 2.0TDCI 280SWB D/Cab In Van Low 130PS 6sp
Mileage     2,796
Official combined consumption     40.9mpg
Our average consumption        39.4mpg
Price (ex VAT)         £23,210
Price range (ex VAT)    £20,160-£31,665
Warranty         3yrs/100,000mls
Service intervals         2yrs/36,000mls
Load length         1,577mm
Load width (min/max) 1,351/1,775mm
Load bay height         1,406mm
Gross payload         804kg
Load volume         3.5m3
Engine size/power 1,995cc/130hp
Gearbox     6-spd
CO2         167g/km

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