Ford Transit Custom long-term test - Final Report

Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2019   |   Author: Tony Rock

Trans 1

3rd Report

To carry an extra three individuals in a second row of seats in the Double Cab-in-Van version of the L1H1 Transit van you end up sacrificing 2.5m3 of load space in the rear, leaving you with 3.5m3 of room.  

Of course, that’s a result of load space length being reduced, from 2,554mm to 1,577mm, up to the bulkhead, while, naturally, load space width (1,775mm) and height (1,406mm) remain unchanged.

(You also lose the use of a side door and some flexibility, although you could argue it’s not as necessary due to a shorter length.)

Trans 2

That leaves you with a sort of squarish load bay, which isn’t so good for 2m-long sections of a second-hand dismantled cupboard being brought to the house for the first time (and which had to go in the family’s Nissan Qashqai), but perfectly decent for some trips to the local tip when emptying the mother-in-law’s garage.

It’s also good for chucking in a picnic and kids’ bikes for a day trip around Windsor Great Park.

So despite the curtailed length, it’s still a very practical and useful area to have access to, plus you have the second row of seats for colleagues during the week and the family at weekends.

Report Card: Load bay = 3/5

Not as much as the all-out van but something has to give if you want to carry a crew too.

Ford Transit Custom V362 MCA Transit Base 2.0TDCI 280SWB D/Cab In Van Low 130PS 6sp
Mileage     3,809
Official combined consumption     40.9mpg
Our average consumption        38.9mpg
Price (ex VAT)         £23,210
Price range (ex VAT)    £20,160-£31,665
Warranty         3yrs/100,000mls
Service intervals         2yrs/36,000mls
Load length         1,577mm
Load width (min/max) 1,351/1,775mm
Load bay height         1,406mm
Gross payload         804kg
Load volume         3.5m3
Engine size/power 1,995cc/130hp
Gearbox     6-spd
CO2         167g/km

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