Volkswagen Caddy long-term test - Final Report

Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2018   |   Author: Tony Rock



3rd Report

At 125hp, the 1.4-litre TSI engine in our Caddy is the highest-powered of the petrol options available in the line-up, the others being a 102hp 1.0-litre and an 84hp 1.2.

However, in top-of-the-range Highline form – which is what our model is – only the 125hp can be specified, although there’s the choice of either the six-speed gearbox or the seven-speed DSG automatic.

Our van comes with the former. It’s a slick mover that’s easy to engage and doesn’t lurch when pulling away.

In fact, the gearbox has been so issue-free I don’t notice it in everyday driving. The engine, meanwhile, offers a top speed of 115mph and a 0-62mph time of 10.3 seconds, which translates to plenty enough power for motorways and dual-carriageways.

Overall, the Caddy is a smooth performer on the road, with responsive steering and a firm ride. It’s fair to say I’m enjoying it.

It’s easy to manoeuvre around town, too, and reverse parking is a doddle. To help, Highline trim models come with rear parking sensors as standard, but Park Assist (a parallel parking aid using front and rear sensors) and a rear-view camera are available as options.

Similarly, while our LCV comes with cruise control and a speed limiter, adaptive cruise control, which automatically adjusts the van’s speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead, is available as an option.

We’re nearing the 6,000-mile mark, and economy is up from an average of 36.3mpg to 36.9mpg, due in part to one tank of fuel that is the only one so far to have returned 40mpg-plus (42.3mpg to be precise).

Report Card: Driving

Gets from A to B in good time and once there negotiates tight spaces easily.

Score: 4/5

Highline C20 Eu6 1.4 TSI 125hp BMT 6-speed manual

Mileage    5,770
Official combined consumption     48.7mpg
Our average consumption    36.9mpg
Price range (ex VAT)    £14,625-£22,205
Price (ex VAT)    £17,735
Warranty    3yrs/100,000mls
Service intervals    1yr/10,000mls
Load length        1,779mm
Load width (min/max)    1,170/1,556mm
Load bay height    1,244mm
Load volume    3.2m3
Gross payload 645kg
Engine size/power    1,395cc/125hp
CO2    133g/km

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