Vauxhall Combo Cargo (2018) long-term test – Final Report

Date: Friday, May 15, 2020   |   Author: Steve Banner


Vaux Combo IMG_6724

The AdBlue filler point is under a flap next to the diesel filler point

Service intervals have been stretched so far in recent years it can become difficult to recall when your van is due its next visit to the workshop.

With the Combo, however, all you need to do is interrogate the onboard computer, and it will tell you.

In addition it will tell you when you next need to replenish the AdBlue reservoir – advice that should be heeded. Keep ignoring it, and let the AdBlue level fall, and a series of warnings will be triggered. Eventually your van will refuse to start. You’ll find the AdBlue filler point under a flap next to the diesel filler point.

The onboard computer will also tell you how far you can travel before you need to refuel.

Only an idiot will text or email using a hand-held smartphone while driving, but staff still need to stay in contact on the road and the Combo’s Bluetooth connectivity allows them to do so without endangering themselves or other road users.

Pair up your phone and you can send short, predetermined messages to key recipients (“I’ll be late, I’m just arriving, Not available etc.”) simply by pressing the touchscreen once.

Not being a big fan of the nanny state, I was initially hostile to the Combo’s Driver Alert system. If it reckons your driving is becoming wayward because you are tired, or if you have been driving for more than two hours at above 40mph without taking a break, it displays a cup of coffee symbol on the dash as well as setting off an acoustic warning. Keep driving and the alert is sounded every hour. My hostility has abated, however. Driving while tired can be a recipe for disaster – and pulling over for 10 minutes won’t hurt. 

Report Card: Technology = 4/5
Stress on safety is worthy of praise

Cargo LE Nav L1H1 2000 1.5 130hp Turbo D Start/Stop

Mileage         3,568
Official combined consumption 64.2mpg
Our average consumption    60mpg (estimated)
Price (ex VAT)     £20,105
Warranty 3yrs/60,000mls
Service intervals    2yrs/25,000mls
Load length     1,817mm
Load width (min/max) 1,229/1,550mm
Load bay height    1,236mm
Gross payload      658kg
Load volume     3.3m3
Engine size/power     1,499cc/130hp
Gearbox     6spd manual
CO2    117g/km


Parking Pack     £700
Safety Pack     £570
FlexCargo Pack     £510
Head-up Display     £300
Sight and Light Pack     £225
Electronic climate control     £200
Winter Pack     £150
Wireless charger     £80

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