Long Term Van Test Drive: Renault Master - November 2012

Date: Monday, November 5, 2012

Bradley Wiggins has got a lot to answer for. His exploits have apparently encouraged large numbers of people to take up cycling – and that is bad news for van drivers. Every time our Master takes to the highway it is surrounded by inexperienced push-bike riders who should never be seen in public in Lycra. Heedless of their own safety, they wobble out in front of the bonnet, undertake in slow moving traffic, sneak up on your offside when you have already signalled that you intend to turn right and have started your manoeuvre…the list of their misdemeanours is endless.

Fortunately our Master boasts big electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors that give us a clear view down its flanks. The standard ABS has already saved at least one Wiggins wannabe from being squished and the Sport trim’s rear parking sensors help us avoid reversing over any cyclists who have stopped to take a breather. Let’s hope they all revert to being couch potatoes when the winter weather starts to bite, and leave van drivers in peace.


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