The What Van? Road Test: Volkswagen Crafter

Date: Monday, August 14, 2017   |   Author: Steve Banner


Engine and gearbox

The Volkswagen Crafter’s turbocharged four-cylinder 16-valve in-line common-rail diesel is mounted transversely and angled forward by 8° to create a bit more room for the cab and cargo area. AdBlue has to be poured into an 18-litre reservoir to help the newcomer meet the Euro6 exhaust emission regulations.

Detail -engine -w

Our engine’s maximum power output kicked in across a narrow 3,500-3,600pm plateau. Top torque of 340Nm bites across a rather wider 1,600-2,250rpm.

Chassis and steering

McPherson strut-type suspension and an anti-roll bar are installed at the front while parabolic springs plus another anti-roll bar are to be found at the back.

Our Crafter’s 16-inch steel wheels were shod with Continental Conti Van Contact 200 235/65 R16C tyres.

Electromechanical power-assisted steering delivers a 13.6m turning circle.


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