The What Van? Road Test: Ford Transit Custom

Date: Monday, July 23, 2018   |   Author: Steve Banner


Detail Load Bay

Load bay

Access to the 6.0cm3 cargo area is by means of a sliding side door and twin rear doors that can be swung through 90°, or through 180° if you release the prominent, easy-to-use, stays.

A full-height steel bulkhead protects the occupants of the cab from unsecured, shifting loads.

A flap at the bottom allows the cargo bed to be extended so that extra-long items can be pushed into the space underneath the passenger seats. It boosts available load length to 3,037mm.

Eight load tie-down points are provided, including one above each of the wheel boxes and two at the bottom of the bulkhead, and two lights provide decent illumination if you are loading or unloading at night.

A tailored plastic cover protects the cargo bed, and ply panels offer the sides and doors partial protection against minor dents and scrapes.

There is no such protection for the wheel boxes, however, and the entire load area really needs timbering out.

Front-wheel drive means an attractively low rear loading height of just 588mm.


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