The What Van? Road Test: Mercedes-Benz X-Class

Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2018   |   Author: Steve Banner




The Merceces-Benz X-Class is protected by a three-year/unlimited-mileage warranty with service intervals for the pick-up set at one year/18,000 miles.

Fuel economy was better than we expected and was not far short of the 35.8mpg combined figure.

It’s good to see that a full-size spare wheel is included and that support is provided through a dealer network dedicated to commercial vehicles.

X250 d 4Matic Power double-cab auto 4x4 pick-up

Price (ex VAT)     £34,100
Price range (ex VAT)     £27,310-£34,100
Gross payload     1,066kg
Load length     1,587mm
Load width (min/max)     1,215/1,560mm
Load bay height     474mm
Loading height      854mm
Gross vehicle weight     3,300kg
Braked trailer towing weight     3,500kg
Residual value     24.7%*
Cost per mile     62.4p
Engine size/power      2,298cc, 190hp @ 3,750rpm
Torque      450Nm @ 1,500-2,500rpm
Gearbox     7-spd auto
Fuel economy      35.8mpg (combined)
Fuel tank     73 litres
CO2      207g/km
Warranty     3yrs/unltd miles
Service intervals     1yr/18,000mls
Insurance group      33
Price as tested     £40,962

* after 4yrs/80,000mls; source: KwikCarcost

Options fitted

Comand Online     £2,225
Sliding load area cover      £1,477
Style Package     £1,345
Parking Package inc. 360° camera     £915
Winter Package      £340
Black roof liner    £215
Load liner     £215
Electric components for trailer socket     £130

The Final Verdict

  1. Design –  Looks the business and those looks aren’t deceiving. 8/10
  2. Cabin – An attractive working space, but rear legroom’s compromised. 7/10
  3. Ride – Could be better tuned to Britain’s pock-marked road surfaces. 6/10
  4. Refinement – Almost no engine noise, but rear wind/tyre noise can be an issue. 7/10   
  5. Load area – Standard pick-up fare. We like the rail-mounted lashing points.  7/10
  6. Handling/performance – Former is unequalled by rivals; the latter more than adequate. 8/10
  7. Engine/transmission – A well-matched pair delivering a smooth gear change. 8/10 
  8. Standard equipment – Power trim offers plenty of goodies; so it should given the price.  8/10
  9. Operating costs – Unlimited-mileage warranty; actual mpg better than one may think. 8/10
  10. What Van? subjective rating – An excellent piece of kit – apart from the eye-watering cost. 7/10

Overall Rating 74/100


Ford Ranger
Price (ex VAT) £18,445-£28,595
Gross payload     1,059-1,307kg
Engines    130hp, 160hp 2.2 diesel, 200hp 3.2 diesel

Verdict: Choose a Ranger and the last thing you’ll complain about is a lack of choice. The line-up includes a 4x2 and a 4x4 along with a variety of cabs and trim levels. It rides and handles well, and is supported by a near ubiquitous dealer network. We like the 3.2 model, but would opt for the 160hp 2.2 variant if spending our own money.

Mitsubishi L200
Price (ex VAT) £19,010-£27,810
Gross payload      1,045-1,085kg
Engines    151hp, 178hp 2.4 diesel

Verdict: Also sold by Fiat Professional under the Fullback banner, and with a well-established pedigree, the Mitsubishi L200 remains a safe and sensible choice. This pick-up is undoubtedly competent in off-road conditions, but might benefit from a few revisions to ensure that it continues to keep pace with rival vehicles.

Volkswagen Amarok
Price (ex VAT) £24,510-£33,650
Gross payload      1070-1146 kg
Engines    163hp, 204hp, 224hp 3.0 diesel

Verdict: Add the most powerful version of the V6 3.0-litre and the eight-speed automatic gearbox together and you have got a quality combination that’s near impossible to beat. Like the Mercedes Benz X-Class, however, the Volkswagen Amarok pick-up
comes with a rather hefty price tag. You should go for the 163hp engine if cost is a key concern.


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