The What Van? Road Test: Ford Transit Courier Sport

Date: Friday, December 13, 2019   |   Author: Steve Banner


Courier Wheel IMG_5713

Engine and gearbox

The Courier Sport’s four-cylinder eight-valve diesel hits peak power at 3,750rpm.

Top torque of 215Nm bites across a 1,750rpm to 2,500rpm plateau. Turbocharged and intercooled, it comes with an aluminium cylinder head and high-pressure common-rail direct fuel injection and is equipped with electronic exhaust gas recirculation.

A diesel particulate filter is fitted, but there is no requirement to pour in AdBlue for Euro6 compliance.

The six-speed gearbox is standard across the Transit Courier range.


The Courier Sport has one of the slickest, sweetest gear-changes we have ever stumbled across on a van. Going from one gear to the next is just like flicking a switch, with no notchiness whatsoever.

While we wouldn’t for one minute advocate throwing a light commercial  vehicle around twisting country roads, with the Courier Sport it is really tempting to do so.

It handles for all the world like a go-kart with a box on the back, clinging to the highway even when pushed hard, and the aforementioned comfy seats hold you firmly in place.

Unfortunately it rides a little bit like a go-kart too. The ride could certainly stand to be better damped, but that might, of course, affect the handling – and we would rather retain the fun element of the latter.

In-cab noise levels could be better-controlled – something we find with most light commercials, it has to be said – and we were a little concerned about the intermittent vibration we felt through the pedals. Now with a sixth gear, the Courier Sport can be deployed on intercity motorway runs, but it is probably happier on short-haul local and regional work.


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