The What Van? Road Test: Nissan eNV200 (2019)

Date: Monday, May 20, 2019   |   Author: Steve Banner

 Nvdetail Load Bay

Load bay

Entry to the load area is via asymmetric doors at the back and a sliding door on each side of the 4.2m3 cargo body. 

The narrower of the two rear doors is on the offside, and both can be pushed through 180° once you release the user-friendly stays. All you need to do in each case is tug a flap.

Half-a-dozen floor-mounted load tie-down points are fitted plus two sliding ones above each of the wheel boxes. There’s a full-height steel bulkhead too.

The load floor is defended against scratches and scrapes by a tailored rubber mat. Sound-deadening panels on the sides and doors give some protection against minor damage, but getting the entire cargo box timbered out might be a wise precaution.

The gross payload is 705kg and the latest eNV200 can haul a trailer grossing at up to 410kg. But doing so has implications for the van’s range.

Nvdetail Side Drs


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