The What Van? Road Test: Peugeot Partner Professional (2018)

Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2019   |   Author: Steve Banner


Partner Detail Rear Dr

Load bay

Access to the 3.3m3 cargo bay is by means of asymmetric rear doors – the narrower of the two is on the off-side – and a sliding nearside door. The back doors can be swung through 180° if you release the stays.

Six cargo tie-down points are fitted. So is a full-height steel bulkhead, which should protect the occupants of the cab if an unsecured load slides forwards under heavy braking. The gross payload capacity of this model is a smidgeon over a tonne.

A tailored cover protected our demonstrator’s cargo bed, and the sides, doors and wheel boxes were defended from minor damage by a mixture of plastic and plywood panels.

What our demonstrator did not have was the much-publicised overloading indicator, which is not yet listed as an option on the Partner in the UK.


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