The What Van? Road Test: Peugeot Partner Professional (2018)

Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2019   |   Author: Steve Banner


Partner Rear 3-4


Service intervals are set at 12 months/20,000 miles and the Partner is covered by a 36-month/100,000-mile warranty with no mileage limit in the first two years.

Fuel economy doesn’t appear to be an issue. We returned around 60mpg compared with an official combined figure of 64.2mpg. Stop/start is fitted, and that clearly helps.

One problem we had was the repeated triggering of the alarm – standard on Professional Partners – a few seconds after we had locked the vehicle using the key fob. We crawled all over the vehicle trying to discover what was causing it – was it a door accidentally left open or a light switched on somewhere? – but to no avail. When we contacted Peugeot we were told that it might be a wonky sensor beneath the bonnet. If it was, we couldn’t spot it.

The instrument panel regularly reminded us that Energy Economy Mode was activated. It is there to ensure that if anything in the vehicle is inadvertently left switched on then it will be turned off automatically if there is any risk that the battery will be flattened.

Side rubbing strips help protect the body from minor damage. The rubbing strips, bumpers, door handles and mirror casings were finished to match the rest of the body’s optional metallic paintwork because our test light commercial boasted the optional Look Pack.

Professional L1 1000 BlueHDi 130 S&S 6-speed manual

Price (ex VAT)      £19,905
Price range (ex VAT)     £16,280-£23,425
Gross payload     1,001kg
Load volume     3.3m3
Load length      1,817mm
Load width (min/max)      1,229/1,550mm
Load bay height      1,236mm
Loading height     548mm
Rear door aperture     1,241x1,196mm
Side door aperture      675x1,072mm
Gross vehicle weight      2,390kg
Braked trailer towing weight      1,200kg
Residual value      23.8%*
Cost per mile     38.1p*
Engine size/power      1,499cc, 131hp @ 3,750rpm
Torque      300Nm @ 17,50rpm
Gearbox      6-spd
Fuel economy      64.2mpg
Fuel tank     50 litres
CO2    117g/km
Warranty     3yrs/100,000mls
Service intervals    1yr/20,000mls
Insurance group      35E
Price as tested     £21,075

* after 4yrs/80,000mls; source: KwikCarcost

Options fitted

16in alloy wheels      £550
Metallic paint      £350
Look Pack     £270


Ford Transit Connect
Price (ex VAT) £15,665-£21,765
Load volume    2.9-3.6m3
Gross payload    579-865kg
Engines     100hp 1.0 petrol, 75hp, 100hp, 120hp 1.5 diesel
Verdict: The Ford excels in pretty much every department. Its handling and performance are class-leading, fuel consumption won’t break the bank, the gear-change is one  of smoothest we’ve ever seen, and the cab interior is comfortable and well laid out with lots of storage space.

Renault Kangoo/Kangoo Maxi
Price (ex VAT) £15,830-£25,700
Load volume      3.0-4.0m3
Gross payload    650-800kg
Engines    75hp, 90hp, 110hp 1.5 diesel, 44kW electric

Verdict: Now with extra range, the EV Kangoo Z.E looks set to appeal to more customers who’ll find it practical and eco-friendly. That’s not to criticise the Kangoo’s frugal diesel engines however, which are married to a user-friendly gearbox. It’s an underrated model that deserves to win more friends.   

Volkswagen Caddy/Caddy Maxi
Price (ex VAT) £14,325-£24,685
Load volume 3.2-4.2m3
Gross payload 545-736kg
Engines 84hp 1.2 petrol, 102hp 1.0 petrol, 125hp 1.4 petrol, 75hp, 102hp, 150hp 2.0 diesel

Verdict: If you want a truly durable light van then it has to be this. Impressive build quality comes with exemplary diesel engines and top-notch on-the-road performance and handling. Interior and exterior styling flair is lacking, though, and more work is needed to quieten in-cab noise levels.      

The Final Verdict     



A well put-together package with some useful features.



 Lots of storage space, but three seats is too big a squeeze.



Can struggle on uneven surfaces when lightly loaded.



 In-cab noise is a little high, but the van feels well put together.

Load area


 Solid-looking bulkhead, sufficient tie-down points, easy access.



 Former is safe and dependable; no complaints about the latter.



 Well-matched, with a slick gear-change.

Standard equipment


 Professional trim gets you all the goodies.

Operating costs


Looks fuel-efficient. Warranty/servicing seem to make sense.

What Van? subjective rating


A worthy winner of our 2019 LCV of the Year Award.

Overall Rating 73/100


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