The What Van? Road Test: Toyota Land Cruiser Utility Commercial (2018)

Date: Friday, March 1, 2019   |   Author: Steve Banner


LC - Detail Load Bay

Load bay

Access to the load box is by means of a single rear door hinged to the right and assisted by a gas-filled strut. The door is glazed and the window has a heater, but there is no wash/wipe system, which is a disadvantage if you end up splashing about in a lot of sloppy mud.

The door opens to reveal a 1.57m3 load area with sides that are well-protected against minor scratches and scrapes by a variety of plastic mouldings. A timber floor is fitted, and while cargo tie-down points appear to be in short supply – we could only see two and would like a few more – a sturdy-looking steel half-height bulkhead topped off by a full-height mesh grille should hopefully protect whoever is in the cab from any unsecured items that come flying forwards.

Roof rails are fitted to create a bit more carrying space. If your are fitting a roof rack, however, then bear in mind that this light commercial’s fuel consumption will be affected – and don’t put too much weight on it.

No spare wheel is provided, alas. You have to rely on a tyre inflator positioned in a compartment just inside the rear door instead. We would rather see a proper spare wheel.

Head across rough terrain and there is always the risk that a tyre will end up with a severe gash in its sidewall – too big a gash for an inflation system to deal with.

A 12V power point sits just inside the door too (you can’t have too many power sockets).


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