The What Van? Road Test: Citroen Dispatch (2019)

Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Detail Engine


The four-cylinder in-line transverse-mounted common-rail turbodiesel delivers maximum power at 3,750rpm. Maximum torque of 340Nm kicks in at 1,750rpm.

AdBlue is required to ensure the van meets the Euro6 exhaust emission regulations. The reservoir filler point is concealed by the passenger door.


One of the Dispatch’s big plus points is its sharp handling. Push it hard into a bend and it keeps hanging on in there, showing little inclination to break away. The responsive steering helps. It tells you everything you need to know about the interaction between the front wheels and the road surface, and it gives you fair warning if you get over-ambitious.

On-highway performance in terms of acceleration from rest and up through the gears is acceptable, but not outstanding, and a crisper gear change would be welcome. Engaging reverse could be a tussle on our demonstrator, and one we could have done without.

The ride could be a mite choppy even on smooth surfaces, but in-cab noise levels were well under control.


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