A leisure centre management organisation claims to have seen savings of nearly 30% on fleet overheads after adopting telematics from Airmax Remote.

Edinburgh Leisure, which manages a number of sporting venues and develops sport and leisure services on behalf of City of Edinburgh Council, has installed Airmax Remote’s Premium telematics system across its fleet of 24 LCVs.

In addition to identifying the location of drivers, the system can analyse the time each driver has spent behind the wheel.

Edinburgh Leisure also says it has seen a significant reduction in the number of vehicles idling and being are driven out of hours.

Edinburgh Leisure health and safety manager Gordon Forsyth said: ““We are delighted with the results that we have achieved.

“The technology has helped us reduce our fleet overheads by nearly 30%, which is unprecedented, particularly considering that these results were achieved over six months.

“Identifying idling vehicles, as well as vehicles driven out of hours, has been a significant contributing factor in creating those savings.”

Airmax Remote managing director Richard Perham said: “We work with many customers in different sectors and regularly receive feedback highlighting improved fleet efficiency and cost savings achieved by them implementing our telematics solutions.

“Edinburgh Leisure’s 30% reduction in fleet overheads is further testament to the power of our technology and the value and benefits that it delivers our customers.”