Body builder LCVT has worked with grounds maintenance firm Idverde to develop a beavertail conversion that can also function as a tipper.

The 3.5t body can be fitted to all mainstream chassis cabs and means the vehicle can be used year-round, as it can carry commercial mowers and other equipment during summer, but can also be used as a tipper for waste collection in winter.

The bed has a payload of 1,280kg thanks to an aluminium and stainless-steel subframe, and an aluminium floor with a punched finish.

The spring-assisted tailgate is attached via a pair of compact maintenance-free torsion hinges. It features an aluminium frame and a textured GRP mesh surface for ease of use and slip-resistance properties.

Steve Elwell, sales and marketing director of LCVT, commented: “We have been lucky enough to have been a supplier of vehicles to Idverde over a number of years and when we were approached by [them] to come up with a new design that improved the utilization of his beavertail fleet, we worked closely together to find the innovative solution we are now manufacturing.”