Launching imminently, the new edition will cost around £1000 more than a standard Barbarian, but adds a series of styling improvements inside and out to distinguish itself from the model it is based on. That means prices should be around £23,899 (excluding VAT) for the six-speed manual, or an extra £1400 for the excellently engineered and slick-shifting, if thirsty, five-speed auto.
As with the Barbarian itself, there’s no mistaking this special edition thanks to the none-too-subtle decals up the side of the truck. There’s also a heavy dose of black satin finishing, with the roof, grille, fog lamp surround, wing mirrors and door handles all signed off in the matt-effect styling. The black 17-inch alloys are a further classy touch that distinguishes this special edition pick-up.
On the inside, Barbarian black leather adorns the cabin, while the standard Barbarian kit including touch-screen satellite navigation, bluntest and reversing camera help reinforce the impression that this
is no simple workhorse.
Available in black, white, grey or silver, the Barbarian Black is at its most striking, ironically, in white, where that black satin finish on the roof, mirrors and nose in particular stand out the most.
To drive, the L200 is still reasonable, if not quite up to the standards set by the new Ford Ranger or Volkswagen Amarok, and the ride settles noticeably with a bit of weight in the load bay.
But it’s fair to say no one offers a stand-out pick-up like Mitsubishi does, and the Barbarian Black enhances the reputation of the L200 as the most streetwise in the sector.



Mitsubishi continues to enhance its reputation for enticing and well-equipped special edition L200 pick-ups