Even though we’re heading towards the end of the T5 Transporter’s life, Volkswagen has still managed to squeeze out one last range-topper for the iconic panel van, in the form of the Sportline 60.

The nomenclature represents the Transporter’s 60 years on sale in the UK, and this special edition replaces the regular Sportline at the helm of the Transporter line-up, until a new Transporter arrives late this year – see next month’s What Van? for the first pictures.

The 60 costs £480 more than the previous regular Sportline in panel van form, or £525 as a Kombi with a second row of seats accessed by a nearside sliding door, and that extra money brings a decent array of upgraded equipment over the previous Sportline. The 60 gets upgraded navigation, black side bars, 18-inch anthracite wheels, reverse parking camera, front parking sensors, quilted leather seats and a numbered plaque.

The range starts from £29,940 for the short-wheelbase manual van, with the seven-speed DSG automatic costing an additional £1580, while the long-wheelbase costs an additional £700 and the Kombi adds £1950, giving a combination of eight models peaking at the £34,170 long-wheelbase Kombi automatic.

The Sportline is beautifully kitted out inside and out, and the 180hp diesel is a cracker, especially mated to the DSG automatic. But there are a couple of complaints. Speccing the optional bulkhead is a wise idea, not only to segregate load and occupant, but also to cut down on the noise echoing around the interior. The Kenwood infotainment system is also woefully inadequate, unresponsive and generally too user-unfriendly for a style-led vehicle costing over £30,000.

But otherwise it’s a very appealing, if expensive, final flourish for the excellent T5 Transporter.



Very appealing high end panel van that combines class and high quality kit. Apart from the stereo ystem