The D-Max has built up a reputation as a no-nonsense, tough and durable working pick-up that can soak up the sort of punishment that would see some of its more lifestyle-orientated rivals wilt under the pressure.

Isuzu has not been averse, however, to introducing the odd high-end D-Max derivative such as the XTR or Utah V-Cross, designed to turn the heads of leisure-focused customers, so the launch of the D-Max Workman+ double-cab in July in a limited run of 125 examples represents a return to its roots.

Engine and gearbox

The Workman+ comes with the 164hp 1.9-litre engine that powers all of the D-Max range, but it is only offered with the six-speed manual gearbox and not the six-speed automatic transmission available in higher-specified versions.

The manual changes can be a little notchy so those operators working mostly on-road would be advised to consider a trim level with automatic available.

Interior and equipment

The Workman+ costs £700 more than the base Utility double-cab model and the step up adds a good deal of kit, such as a rear load liner, tow bar and 13-pin electrics that are compatible with trailers with LED lights, side steps, 18in alloys, plus a spare alloy wheel.

The reversing camera display in the rear-view mirror is a good addition but otherwise the radio and switchgear in the sparse cabin is ancient and overdue an update.

1.9 164hp double-cab manual

Price (ex VAT) £21,495
Price range (ex VAT) £16,799-£29,799
Gross payload 1,126kg
Combined fuel economy 40.4mpg
CO2 183g/km