Compact it may be, but there are advantages to out little Transit Courier’s dimensions.  A weekend spent clearing the way for a new fence, including an upsetting amount of foliage hidden behind the old one, meant seven tip runs over the course of two days, each with the Ford loaded high with either rotting pieces of old fence or greenery.

Though larger vans would have taken less trips, to be honest I was pleased with the break, as each load was about the right amount of hacking, dragging and dismantling. Plus, our Kombi window van only attracted attention on one trip into the tip, where in larger commercials, any home improvement discard trip runs the risk of being turned away if a council employee thinks it’s commercial waste.

Seats folded flat, there was plenty of square space to pile everything into, and this came just 24 hours after a family trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed had shown the flip-side of the Courier’s talents. The kids loved the big side windows and sliding doors, while dad enjoyed the traditionally excellent Ford handling and steering on the cross-country route down to darkest Sussex for an overnight camping trip. There’s enough space with the seats up to load everything necessary for an entire night away with two small children. A couple more creature comforts such as air conditioning and cruise control would help those used to being mollycoddled, but it’s comfortable, refined and fun to drive, certainly when you look at the small van competition that the Courier sits head and shoulders above.