Blazing a trail

Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The What Van? Awards are the most sought after independent accolades in the industry and in 2013 we recognise the outstanding performers in 10 crucial light commercial vehicle categories as well as revealing the winner of the prestigious What Van? 2013 Van of the Year.

Each year the panel of What Van?’s s editorial staff draw on expertise gathered over decades of experience to select the vans, brands and innovations they believe most merit gaining a prize.

This task gets more difficult with every passing year with the quality of products improving relentlessly.

Many categories included contenders that had a good shout in their segment but ended up disappointed, but with the high standard of the competition some were bound to come away empty handed.

With so many exciting products in the van market for customers to choose from we have also awarded Highly Commended status to those deemed to have pushed the winner closest of all.
But only one name on the shortlist can triumph in each category so congratulations to all the prize winners and for those that haven’t won – good luck in 2014.



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