What Van? Awards 2019: Converter of the Year – Tevo

Date: Thursday, December 13, 2018

The reader-voted Converter Award, which recognises one of the most crucial parts of the light commercial vehicle sector, returns for the fifth year and 2019 sees racking specialist Tevo regain the prize it captured when we introduced the award in 2015.

Within the past 18 months Tevo has branched out in a new direction by launching Modul Fleet, a smartphone-based fleet management app, for its customers.

Businesses can use the app for scheduling, according to Tevo, to keep track of employees’ movements and to fix appointments. It can handle invoicing and undertake stock inventories too.

Used in conjunction with an on-board diagnostics (OBD) dongle, the device also monitors driver performance.

More in keeping with its traditional activities, Tevo has launched its Modul-Floor system, which it claims provides an alternative to ply-lining cargo bays. Tevo claims the floor material, a sandwich construction with high-friction aluminium plates surrounding a lightweight core, joined together with glue, is a new innovation in the industry, although similar click-lock floor systems are commonly used in offices and homes.

The system works on rails for quick and safe installation of racking systems, according to Tevo, and requires no drilling through the vehicle body, which avoids corrosion and protects residual values. Tevo has also introduced an upgraded Modul-Connect electrical installation for van load areas and an ultra high-strength steel folding-shelves system for delivery vans.

Tevo’s philosophy is to help operators make the most of the space in their vans to save time and therefore money.

Suitable interior storage makes journeys far more efficient, according to the company. With goods and equipment safely stowed, accidental damage in transit is avoided.

“With optimal use of the available space, you can carry all essential equipment or goods to avoid mix-ups or repeat journeys,” says Tevo.

It also knows appearances count for a lot.

“An organised vehicle also creates the right impression. Customers will have confidence in your ability to work efficiently and to a high standard,” it adds.

Tevo warns of the hazards of exceeding a van’s payload, which is both dangerous and illegal, and is aware that storage installed in a light commercial vehicle eats into the payload and reduces the weight of additional goods or equipment that can be carried.

With these factors in mind, the company’s lightweight racking offers a flexible solution. From large shelving units for bulky equipment to lockable cabinets for small items or power tools, modular racking helps to meet particular storage needs.

One of the solutions Tevo offers is raised floors fitted with underfloor drawers, creating an ingenious storage compartment through exploiting space that would otherwise go unused.

Fitted at the rear and along the sides of a vehicle, they can provide a considerable volume of additional storage space.

Movable aluminium dividers and boxes of various sizes can be used to divide, secure and contain different items or material.

Other clever storage options Tevo produces include folding shelves for the load bay walls, equipped with gas struts for ease of use. These leave the floor space free for other material.
Internal ladder holders can be secured to the interior roof of a vehicle, enabling efficient ladder stowage, leaving the load area of the vehicle free for the transportation of other equipment.

Broom holders can also be fitted to the interior ceiling, wheel arch lockers can make use of the otherwise wasted space above the van’s wheel arches, while Tevo can install secure locker safes to protect valuables when on the move and at work sites.

Highly Commended: Vantastec

Vantastec was established in 2006 and for the past 12 years has specialised in producing temperature-controlled units for light commercials.

Delivering bespoke conversions in-house for all makes and models, Vantastec also focuses on body-building work for coffee retail vans, camper vans, and animal transportation and utility vehicles. The company also provides contract hire and leasing deals on its fridge vans, as well as short- and long-term rentals,  a nationwide delivery service, and part-exchange on customers’ existing vans.

All fridge vans come with a 12-month warranty.

The firm is the authorised installer for temperature control solutions from GAH, Webasto and Hubbard.

HC Vantastec


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