In 2021 telematics provider LEVL teamed up with Maxus to bring connectivity to its electric vans. 

Through this partnership between a software company and vehicle manufacturer, fleets working with Maxus can take advantage of the new Maxus Intelligence Onboard solution, which provides data-driven insights through LEVL’s Geotab software platform . It brings real-time insights into state of charge, energy used, energy cost, live GPS tracking, charging data and improved range. LEVL and Maxus created Maxus Intelligence Onboard to encourage electric van transition, as well as providing detailed data-driven insights to optimise fleet productivity and safety. Every Maxus electric vehicle supplied is now fitted with Maxus Intelligence Onboard as standard, meaning customers, dealers and the manufacturer have access to data insights on an unprecedented level. 

Through being able to view their vehicles’ state of charge (SOC), fleet managers can optimise their operating capabilities and receive alerts when the SOC drops below a set level in order to schedule charging times and minimise downtime. The live SOC reading also lets fleet managers know which vehicles are available to take on additional jobs.

Geotab EV telematics also encourages more economical driving by collecting driver behaviour data from the vehicle and producing reports based on the information gathered. Aspects covered include the driver’s speeding, braking and cornering, accelerating and seatbelt usage.

Driver performance can then be managed and improved and as a consequence electric van ranges can be extended through drivers adopting better driving habits.

The platform also gathers information about the cost of charging each individual vehicle, enabling managers to schedule charging within driving routes and working schedules. It can also calculate the amount of CO2 emissions saved compared to using an ICE vehicle.

Through the Maxus Intelligence Onboard system, HR departments can receive charging data on drivers who charge their electric vehicle at home. This will show how much charging has been done on a home charger, making reimbursement to the driver for the cost of the charging simple and efficient in one easy payment. 

Maxus dealers have full access to the data for all Maxus e-Deliver 3 and e-Deliver 9 demonstration vans, giving them a host of data points to show their customers the CO2 and cost savings achievable when switching to an electric vehicle fleet. 

Maxus Intelligence Onboard is a future-proof solution including full integration into the charging infrastructure. Using the data taken from each charge session, customers can view the charge assurance dashboard, a report showing which vehicles will be fully charged and ready for the next shift, the amount of power being used, the time in which each EV will be charged and the current battery charge percentage. The live map feature can track each van in real time, aiding route planning and providing vital information in the event of a vehicle being stolen. The nearest location feature can be used to allocate the best-placed van to take on additional jobs while being able to view trip history is useful if a particular vehicle has been involved in an accident.

The development of Maxus Intelligence Onboard shows how LEVL and Maxus are driving the transition to EVs by supporting fleets throughout their sustainability journey. Taking an innovative and connected approach, LEVL and Maxus have equipped customers with the latest technologies to help them manage and improve their fleets operations.

Highly Commended: Airmax Remote

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At the beginning of 2020, Airmax recognised the growing importance of electric vehicles. Consequently, the company is investing a significant proportion of its R&D resources to enhance its ability to offer big data technologies to businesses that are utilising the electric vans within their fleets, this has included the opening of an innovation facility in August 2021.

Airmax says it has developed the most advanced EV telematics offering in the UK, delivering tangible insights into vehicle performance. Its engineers have been working to ensure compatibility on a range of electric vehicles as they come to market, enabling robust datasets that can be extracted from the vehicle to provide insight into any pre-emptive maintenance requirements. Airmax Remote is compatible with a growing number of Battery Electric Vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and hybrid models.