Radius Vehicle Solutions’ Synergy fleet management platform gives customers a clear view across all aspects of their operation.

Launched in 2022, it is an online platform that gives free, real-time information on its customers’ assets and events. At the heart of the system is a view of C02 emitted and miles driven. Its aim is to encourage all users of its vehicles to think about their activities and actions from a fresh perspective. By focusing on cost per mile over driver behaviour scores it affects change across small and mid-sized fleets that do not have the resources to take the same environmental, social and governance measures that the larger blue-chip fleets are able to do. 

The system is derived from API-based data sources that removed paper. The account opening process and customer proposal systems are developed online, negating the dependency on more conventional methods.

Radius cut down on miles and C02 by having telematics installed in its vehicles at dealerships rather than having them delivered to workshops for preparation and development pre-mobilisation. Synergy enables the vehicle handover to customers to be completed via a paperless and simplified process while also reducing the number of logistics movements. Every documentation-based customer interaction is delivered online.

In the field, Synergy users can view their cost per mile and C02 emissions and can dissect data to make quick decisions to boost vehicle uptime, reduce on road miles, improve driver behaviour and, in turn, cut carbon output. 

Radius works with its customers by using technology and data as enablers to make recommendations on their fleet evolution and to help them transition from ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles to electric vehicles.

Radius uses its data streams to not only identify early adopters of electric vans but to encourage those that do not believe they are ready to make the switch by providing them with information and support to take the fear out of making the transition to electrification, providing advice on aspects such as costs, on-road and off-road charging.

For small and medium businesses that are ready to convert their fleets to EVs, Radius will help them on the journey immediately. But for those reticent of making the change, it pledges to reduce their on-road mileage and carbon output from the second they make the decision to work with the company, believing that even as customers continue to work with ICE vehicles positive change is possible. 

During a period when stock has been in short supply, Radius Vehicle Solutions claims to have driven 6% growth in electric vehicles within its rental fleet while also building domestic and commercial charging infrastructure and delivering on-road charging solutions. Radius claims to have increased the size of its rental customer base by 16% during 2022, to have increased its own rental fleet by 17%, to have delivered over two million litres of fuel at reduced cost during a time when diesel prices have soared and to have delivered tens of thousands of pounds worth of insurance savings to its customers.

Highly Commended: Ogilvie Fleet

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An unwavering customer-focus and a string of industry-leading IT developments has seen Ogilvie Fleet established as one of the UK’s fastest-growing, trusted, independent commercial vehicle leasing and management companies. Recently re-launched to include eLCVs, the MiNextEV Electric Vehicle Database is a free-to-use online tool with jargon-busting language, making e-LCVs easy to understand for everyone. Complementing Ogilvie’s True Cost Matrix, it allows customers to combine the knowledge of the EV database with comparison software to make whole life cost comparisons between vehicle types easy. Users can compare all electric vans currently on sale in the UK and those recently announced as coming to market, searchable by price, range, efficiency, charging speed and even battery capacity. It contains detailed information and guidance on regulations, tax implications and infrastructure surrounding the purchase and running of EVs, including a comprehensive vehicle tax guide, including an online BIK calculator app.