Runyourfleet has been reinventing the conventions of the fleet management industry since it started trading in 2011. It was the first business to offer a subscription-based fleet management service to help businesses of any size save time, costs and remain compliant from a duty of care perspective.

After exploring existing software solutions, it came to the conclusion that in order to fulfil its mission and provide flexibility and support for businesses, it would need to develop its own software. 

Eager to remain the leading disrupter in the market, it set about completely rebuilding its customer platform. Developed in-house by its own highly skilled software engineers, the completely new look, fresh and innovative platform transcends traditional fleet management, delivering rich functionality in a 24/7 cloud-based secure environment that utilises the very latest in MS Dynamics technology. 

Based on a subscription model, customers can choose the level of fleet management service they need along with a range of optional add-ons. Runyourfleet has empowered users to have the option of self-serving online 24/7, 365, with its team on hand to offer support and advice when required. 

The platform enables central management of fleets and drivers with mixed acquisition policies and suppliers. Accessed on a “software as a service” basis, the low-cost price point has enabled businesses to access class-leading fleet management software without the need to make capital investments. It works with businesses of all sizes to deliver a highly tailored end-to-end solution. 

Services offered include: fleet management, ranging from a light touch self-serve model to a fully outsourced service with managed telematics; corporate hire; breakdown services with online management, monthly payment, incident reporting and incident management; short leasing for six to 12 month contracts; fleet funding to cover leases from one to five years; risk management; and DVLA licence checking. 

Runyourfleet’s customer base includes a range of sectors and business types. Some key names utilising the service are Pilot Pens, NHS, Outco, Axis Europe, Indigo Telecom, U-Drive, Cygnet Healthcare, Retail Marketing Group and Stark. 

The business also supplies services and access to its platform to competitor leasing and fleet management businesses on a semi-white labelled basis.

Runyourfleet claims its platform has revolutionised the way many of its users operate their fleets. Not only is there an increased focus on duty of care but it says customers also save time on administrative tasks and money by accessing the extensive range of services with aggregated discounts through the platform.

One particular benefit of the platform is the flexible architecture it is built on, enabling Runyourfleet to design and deploy new modules in response to customer needs. One such module was a specialist commercial vehicle rental booking platform that was required by a large multinational customer that had struggled to find a solution in the market. Runyourfleet designed and deployed the new module within six weeks. To date, the new module has delivered £13m of new rental bookings in 18 months, according to Runyourfleet. 

Fleet management company Axis provides this endorsement of Runyourfleet: “As a national service, Runyourfleet [provides] everything that you would want from a fleet management provider, [it is] like an extension of our own team. We have never had any issues and we don’t have to worry; everything has been made easy for us! [Its] fantastic system saves us money and time and makes our jobs easier.”

Hghly Commended: Fleet Operations

Fleet Operations’ MOVE platform is a groundbreaking network of interconnected technology – a driver portal, stakeholder portal, management portal and mobile app – that is transforming the way van fleets are managed. The MOVE ecosystem brings together a wealth of data sources to create a single version, delivering a one-stop-shop for business intelligence and insights into customers’ fleets. With bespoke interfaces, insights and workflows for different users and departments – procurement, HR and fleet – automated actions are delivered to the right people at the right time. Built by Fleet Operations’ team of in-house developers, a user experience that is both intuitive and efficient is at the forefront of the design. MOVE’s focus on continuous van fleet evolution and its consistent emphasis on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) optimisation and timely interventions – enabled by bringing all elements of fleet together to form an accurate, holistic picture that sets it apart in the market.