Global fleet operators certainly seem to agree with our judges’ favourable assessment of Geotab, given the rate of adoption for its telematics services. The company counts itself as the number one global telematics provider for three years running, with more than 3.8 million connected vehicles. It has now picked up our Telematics Award for the second year in a row.

The MyGeotab platform is designed to provide operators of all sizes with a powerful, customisable and expandable foundation for managing their fleets. The platform is available through a device-agnostic web interface in 10 different languages, together with mobile apps for iOS and Android.

At its core, the system gives essential telematics insights into subjects such as vehicle usage, locations, energy efficiency, and driver safety. For example, fleet operators can analyse driver behaviours with real-time, in-vehicle feedback. Customers can set up rules to mitigate unwanted driver behaviours such as speeding, idling or not wearing a seat belt. Beyond alert generation within the MyGeotab platform, this can extend to the vehicle itself with audible alerts or spoken words within the cabin providing immediate feedback to the driver to take corrective action.

Geotab says it recognises that fleet operation goes beyond the vehicle, which is why earlier this year it launched Data Connector, providing a one-click integration with a business’s preferred business intelligence tool. This allows vehicle data from Geotab to be integrated with customer fleet data from other sources such as maintenance or accounting systems, giving the operator enhanced data analysis and automated reporting capabilities. Geotab says this feature is available to all customers but is especially suited to those with limited data management capabilities who would otherwise have to find ways of extracting this insight on their own.

Also integrated into MyGeotab is the Geotab Marketplace: a network of third-party services vetted by Geotab, ranging from dash cams and asset tracking, to maintenance and fuel management. 

Geotab also offers the Green Fleet Dashboard, a tool designed to maximise productivity and to keep track of fuel usage or battery energy consumption for EVs. It provides continuous monitoring of a fleet’s average fuel energy usage, cost,and resulting emissions, helping operators to save costs and increase efficiency across their entire fleet.

MyGeotab features a suite dedicated to helping operators electrify, with the Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment analysing real-world data on existing fleet usage. From this, fleet managers can look to switch vehicles to electric based on range requirements, using WLTP ratings and commercial aspirations based on total cost of ownership.

MyGeotab now offers native support for more than 300 EV makes and models, allowing fleet managers to monitor key aspects of usage and performance such as battery state, range, energy usage and charging history. The number of fully supported EVs is said to be constantly increasing as the Geotab team works to reverse engineer new models as they arrive on the market.

Geotab has also developed Project G, an analytics digital assistant powered by generative AI. It says this enables faster access to insights, streamlining decision-making in telematics. The user-friendly interface is said to simplify complex analytics, empowering users securely and confidentially.

Highly Commended: Bridgestone Mobility Solutions

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The winner of our Green Telematics Award also impressed the judges enough to receive Highly Commended status in this category.

Additions this year to the company’s Webfleet platform include the Pro M, a compact driver device which brings together features such as navigation, order management, two-way communication between drivers and fleet managers, OptiDrive 360 driver coaching, Webfleet Vehicle Check to digitise vehicle inspections, and the automatic recording of working time and mileage registration to simplify claims administration.

Also on offer is Fleetcare, which combines Webfleet with Bridgestone’s tyres and tyre management solutions to help businesses consolidate fleet services and reduce their total cost of ownership, enhance safety and sustainability, and improve customer service.

The company has also recently launched Webfleet Cold Chain, a fully-integrated single-platform solution that helps temperature-controlled fleets maintain cargo quality and safety.

It has also announced the addition of Ford and Renault Group to its OEM.Connect partner programme, joining the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Stellantis.